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US Over-The-Air HDTV Networks
The following Channels are available free to everyone OTA.

CBS – broadcasting 1080i
Continuing its roll as a network HDTV leader, The Tiffany Network broadcasts all of its prime-time filmed episodic programming, including CSI, Everybody Loves Raymond, The District, Judging Amy, Yes dear, Still Standing, Two and a Half Men, CSI Miami, Navy NCIS, The Guardian, The King of Queens, Becker, Without a Trace, Joan of Arcadia, Jag, The Handler, Hack, Cold Case, etc., in HDTV (reality and news programming not included). In addition, The Young And The Restless daytime drama, as well as theatrical and original made for TV movies, and sporting events like The Masters, PGA Golf events, The PGA Championship, US Open Tennis, and the NCAA Final Four, March Madness Games, NCAA MEN’S BASKETBALL REGIONALS, AND CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES, First Round Games. 2005 MARCH MADNESS GAMES and SEC NCAA College Football and NFL Football, Grammy Awards, are also broadcast in HDTV, and among other events include Presidnetial State Of Union also in HDTV. CBS has recently introduced Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound for live sports & select special events. CBS HDTV is also available on Dish Network & DirecTV, but it’s not available to all subscribers, contact the respective providers for details. CBS corporate parent Viacom and Comcast announced a new agreement, which includes carriage of CBS HDTV O&O stations.

CBS will offer the AFC & NFC Playoffs & Championship Games in HDTV and DD 5.1.  CBS HD Sports  HD Sports 2
Breaking News: CBS will offer Dolby Digital 5.1 for episodic programming

List Of CBS O&O Tv Stations
Breaking News: 8/29/2005: Late Show W/Dave Letterman is now in HDTV  1   2   3 Late Show W/Dave Letterman
Breaking News: 9/14/2005: More HD and More Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio, the following will be in DD 5.1 and in HD, Among the CBS shows featuring 5.1 surround sound will be COLD CASE, THE KING OF QUEENS, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, OUT OF PRACTICE, CSI: MIAMI, NCIS, CLOSE TO HOME, STILL STANDING, YES DEAR, CRIMINAL MINDS, CSI: NY, CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, GHOST WHISPERER, THRESHOLD, NUMB3RS and the CRIMETIME SATURDAY block. Additionally, select CBS SUNDAY NIGHT MOVIES will also feature 5.1 More HD & more DD 5.1
Breaking Major News: 10/5/2005: At the Displaysearch 2005 HD conference Vice President of CBS announced that all of the 35 CBS O&O local affilaite stations would be converting their local news to HD very soon.
In addition to 39 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament games, CBS and Harris Corp. have added a regular season Game Of The Week and a weekend of Conference Championship games, all in HDTV.
CBS”s The Early Show will upgrade to HD shorty after NBC’s Todays signs on in HD, later this year.
ALL golf tournaments on CBS will be in HD starting in 2007
Breaking News: 9/11/2006: CBS’s NFL TODAY Pre-game show is now in HD..

ABC – broadcasting 720p
The other network leader in HDTV, ABC broadcasts all of their prime-time filmed episodic programming in HDTV with DD 5.1. This includes NYPD Blue, According to Jim, Alias, The Practice, 8 Simple Rules, My Wife and Kids, etc (reality and news programming not included). Breaking new HD ground in 2004, ABC will present the first reality show in HDTV, The Benefactor, starring HDNet founder Mark Cuban. In addition, several movies each month on The Wonderful World of Disney and ABC’s Saturday/Sunday Big Picture Show and special events like The Oscars, The Rose Parade are available in HDTV with DD 5.1 audio, and among other events include Presidnetial State Of Union also in HDTV. ABC will offer their prime-time filmed episodic programming in HDTV for the fifth consecutive year, for the 2005-2006 TV season     ABC Sports will again offer its popular NFL Monday Night Football in HDTV, along with NHL Stanley Cup and NBA Final playoff games, & also will offer college football Bowl Championship Games, the 4 BCS games, Rose, Orange, Sugar, and Fiesta, & Little League World Series LLWS Baseball games in HDTV & DD 5.1 & ABC Sports has started offering Figure Skating in HDTV, beginning with the 2005 US Championships and the Chevy Skating Spectacular Figure Skating    ABC Football   ABC has shown The 2005 CMA Country Music Awards in HD CMA Country Music Awards in HD
NEWSFlash: ABC-HD is Live on Directv, Channels, 86-87, ABC-HD on Directv    List Of ABC O&O Tv Stations
The NFL’s “Monday Night Football,” a staple on ABC for the past 35 seasons, will move to ESPN starting with the 2006 season    ABC Sunday Night Football Deal
Breaking News: 12/20/2005: ABC’s Good Morning America is now being broadcasted in HD Good Morning America HD
Breaking News: ABC’s 20/20 goes HD at least on 5/20/2005 20/20 HD & will upgrade and broadcast more HD programs in near future.
Breaking News: 5/23/2005: General Hospital – Goes HD daytime November 2006 General Hospital – Goes HD
Breaking NEws: 11/10/2005: ABC HD will broadcast all 64 World Cup Soccer Games in 2006 in HD World Cup Soccer Games in 2006 In HD
Breaking News: Happy 2007, High Def Fans! “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” 2007 will be in HD on ABC on December 31st 2006 which will air from 10:00-11:00 p.m. (ET & PT), with “live” reports on the festivities in Times Square, That will be followed by “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2007, Part 1,” which airs from 11:35 p.m. – 1:05 a.m. (ET & PT) Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” 2007 will be in HD
Breaking News: 3/21/2006: ABC will shop around for HD Newsgathering Equiptment at the 2006 NAB show for its Local Station Affiliates for Local News and Local Programming in HD and ABC expects to have all its ABC Local Affiliates broadcasting Local News in HD fairly soon
Breaking News: Dancing with Stars will be in HD starting September 12, at 8 p.m. ET.
Breaking News: 9/05/2006: ABC’s The View is now broadcasted in HD ABC’s The View in HD

NBC – broadcasting 1080i
The Peacock Network gets serious about HDTV, as The New York Times reported that NBC would broadcast all new filmed episodic programs and miniseries in HDTV (reality and news programming not included). Current programs in HDTV include American Dreams, Frasier, Ed, ER, the three tier Law & Order franchise, The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Las Vegas, Third Watch, Whoopie, Happy Family, Good Morning Miami, Law and Order SVU, The West Wing, Law and Order, Coupling, Miss Match, American Dreams, Law and Order CI, The Lyon’s Den, Will & Grace, etc, and among other events include Presidnetial State Of Union also in HDTV. In HDTV sports, NBC airs horse racing The Triple Crown & Belmont Stakes & Breeders’ Cup World Thoroughbred Championships & Kentucky Derby, Churchill Downs & Preakness Stakes    In other Sports, NBC airs Dew Action Sports Tour Show – Skateboarding – BMX Dirt, BMX Vert, BMX Park, and Freestyle Motocross, Notre Dame football & All NASCAR & NHL Return with more NHL Games in HD Notre Dame football HD   NASCAR NBC-HD 2005   NHL Games
Directv added NBC-HD to their Channel Lineup NBC-HD News NBC-HD News 2    NBC will now offer all episodic programmimg with DD 5.1.
Wimbledon (2005) will be in HDTV
Saturday Night Live (SNL) is now in HD & Last Call With Carson Daily will be in HD (TBA)    More info about SNL
Breaking News: two of the network’s annual signature holiday specials – “The Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular” and “The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade” following it, will be the NATIONAL DOG SHOW in HD & its Annual Christmas in Rockefeller Center on NBC — also will be broadcast in HD beginning in 2005.    NBC Holiday Events
NBC will Broadcast the NBC Nightly Evening News & Meet The Press & Dateline NBC in HDTV maybe in Year 2006.   List Of NBC O&O Tv Stations
Arena Football League will be in HD in February 2006
Winter Olympics from Torino (all of it, in real time) – February 2006 < Yes All of it in HD in real time, Not a missprint <.
Breaking News: as of Tuesday 4/26/2005, Late Night w/Conan O’Brien is now in HDTV    Late Night  Late Night 2
Breaking News: NBC Gets Sunday Night Football and HD is in the deal, starting with the 2006/2007 Season, included in this deal is John Madden will join NBC as the analyst for this package for 6 years   NBC Sunday Night Football   John Madden Joins NBC’s Sunday Night Football.  Find the perfect microwave for your half-time snacks at Appliance Authority!

ALL golf tournaments on NBC will be in HD starting in 2007
Breaking News: 3/21/2006: NBC will shop for More HD newsgathering Equiptment for use at its Local Station affiliates and expects to have all of its stations affiliates broadcasting Local News in HD fairly soon
breaking News: The Today Show will be broadcast in HD on September 13 2006 The Today Show HD

PBS – broadcasting 1080i
PBS broadcasts new programs and documentaries every month in HDTV, many with DD 5.1. In addition they also offer upconverted widescreen programs. HDTV programs include Smart Travels with Rudy Maxa, Tracks Ahead, American Family, Chefs A’Field, and select episodes of Nature, The American Experience, Nova and many other PBS programs. They also show the national PBS HDTV demo loop regularly through out the day. PBS recently announced a new DTV channel dedicated to HD and SD widescreen programming, available in the winter of 2004, with up to 400 hours of programming – PBS HD Thread. Send your local PBS station donations earmarked for their DTV broadcasts.

The WB – broadcasting 1080i
In their second season of HDTV, The WB offers a number of programs, including Everwood, Reba, Smallville, Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, What I like about You, Run of the house, Like Family, All about the Andersons, Smallville Beginnings, The WB’s Tarzan, and Angel, Jack and Bobby, The Mountain, Commando Nanny is available in HDTV. Tribune Broadcasting also offers the Tournament of Roses Parade & (a few Chicago Cubs MLB games, in the past) in HDTV, on WB stations. WB HDTV Programs Info –
WB NETWORK Now broadcasts 5.1 DOLBY SURROUND SOUND WITH all of its HDTV Shows. WB Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio Info    All Tribune Owned and Operated WB affialites had their Dolby Digital 5.1 Equiptment Installed at the stations. List Of WB O&O Tv Stations

UPN – broadcasting 1080i
UPN, in collaboration with its Viacom corporate sibling CBS, is now offering HDTV. Initial programs are Star Trek: Enterprise and JAKE 2.0 & The UPN Friday Night Movie, including James Bond films Dr. No and Goldfinger. UPN corporate parent Viacom and Comcast announced a new agreement, which includes future carriage of UPN HDTV O&O stations. UPN-HD on Comcast UPN-Hd Comcast 2
CBS & Sony announced a new HD post production facility, which will enable UPN to offer much more HDTV, beginning later this year.    NEW Sony UPN Post Production Facility
UPN. Half of the network’s primetime line-up – a record seven series -is being broadcast in high definition television, all three of UPN’s drama series “Veronica Mars,” “Kevin Hill” and “Star Trek: Enterprise,” and extending to UPN’s Monday night comedies “One on One,” “Half & Half,” “Girlfriends” and “Second Time Around”.    UPN More HDTV
List Of UPN O&O Tv Stations
Breaking News: 9/14/2005: the new season’s most anticipated series “Everybody Hates Chris.” & SEX, LOVE AND SECRETS & EVE & CUTS & LOVE INC will be in HD More HD & more DD 5.1

HD Radio, The Wave Of The Future Is Here

FOX – broadcasting 720p
The long awaited event has occurred: As of 9/12/04, FOX has officially joined the other over-the-air broadcast networks in offering HDTV. Using a unique approach, FOX HD is delivered to the affiliates in complete ATSC format; 720p & Dolby Digital 5.1. During this period, stations will transition from FOX Widescreen to HDTV. Fox is committed to have 50% of their primetime programming. All network affiliates are capable of HDTV     A list of HDTV programs include : Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace, Arrested Development, Malcolm in the Middle, The Next Great Champ, North Shore, The O.C., Method and Red, The Bernie Mac show, Quintuplets, House, Rebel Billionaire, MLB Playoffs, ACLS, NLCS, and World Series, NFL games AFC & NFC Playoffs & Chanpionship Games, & Super Bowl XXXIX   2004 NFL in HDTV on FOX
Recent reports have Fox ramping up with purchases of HD equipment for network and affiliate use.
News Flash: DIRECTV Just added Fox-HD in O & O Markets, FOX-HD in O & O    latest News info
FOX HD – List of cities that are HD / DD 5.1 ready     Listing Of FOx cities that are Ready for HD/DD 5.1
all NASCAR & American Idol are now being broadcasted in HD.    American Idol Info
Fox recently decided to broadcast Cops Shows in 16.9 Widescreen SD, allthough not HDTV. it seems FOX is moving the direction of HDTV for Cops Shows in the future.
Breaking News: FoX Sign a Agreement to televise three of the four NCAA College Bowl Championship Series games—the Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl and Fiesta Bowl—for four years beginning in 2007 all in HDTV, reports John Consoli.
College Football Games Info    List Of FOX O&O Tv Stations
Breaking News: 4/23/2005: FOX HD will be using more bits from the transponder bandwidth for HDTV soon. this will results with more the best Picture Quality from Fox HD More Bits from FOX HD
Breaking News: 3/21/2006: FOX will shop around for New HD equiptment at the 2006 NAB show, expect more HD programming coming to FOX and Fox Sports affilaites FOX 2006 NAB show
Breaking News: 7/23/2005: FOX HD is using more bits from the transponder bandwidth for HDTV this will results with more the best Picture Quality from Fox HD More Bits from FOX HD

TBN – broadcasting in unknown Resolution
TBN will debut On April 17th 2006 during TBN’s Spring Telethon, TBN will use its new HD studio for shows like “Praise the Lord” show, other exclusive TBN programs, and special features.
Not far from Outdoor Channel’s headquarters, Trinity Broadcasting System is converting its main studio facility in Costa Mesa, Calif., to all-digital/HD, in preparation for launching TBN HD. Trinity is spending $3 million on new HD cameras and master control equipment that will be able to handle up to nine channels. Another $6-8 million will be spent on upgrading a second studio in Costa Mesa and on other facilities around the country used by Trinity. Trinity is pooling funds with some ministries running on cable and broadcast syndication to buy HD equipment at a discount from vendors. “When you go to a vendor with a large order, the savings can be pretty strong,” says Paul Crouch Jr., administration VP for TBN. TBN HD

A Recommended Digital Broadcast Television Year 2006 Mandate Article to Read. By Clicking Me

Local HDTV stations are available in your area:    US Radio & TV Directory    Dolby    DTS Audio   I Want My

Breaking News: More & More Commericals are being broadcast in HDTV, and more are on the way, Expects Some Commericals in HD during Specail Live Program Events Commericals In HDTV

Breaking News: President Bush has signed a bill into law that will force Broadcasters to shutdown their analog channels on 2/17/2009, 2009 Shutoff Hard Date info More Info

Breaking News:
Consumer Reports said HDTV set prices could hit new lows in the next few months this year

Note: As of 2/1/2005, Comsumers are asked to rescan your OTA Digital HDTV channels, to take the new changes that toke place.   More info

Breaking News: (Quote from an Broadcast Employee): Broadcast News in HD, this is happening sooner than anyone would have thought, not immediately, but soon. Quote – Broadcast NEWS in HD

Breaking News: 8/4/2006: USDTV filed for Bankruptcy and it is shutting down its service. WAY TO GO USDTV !!!! USDTV filed for Bankruptcy

DirecTV lobbying FCC for HD downrezzing. More Info at the following website at Here    Also see this     Also see this
By anymeans, Call or write The FCC and Complain about Directv, Say that u don’t want Directv to downrezz any of their programming, so that u want the full res.

US DBS & Cable HDTV Programming
The following channels are availabe with paid subscription.

HDNet – broadcasting 1080i
Created by Mark Cuban, founder of and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and Philip Garvin, founder and owner of Colorado Studios, HDNet is the first North American full time HDTV network. 24 hours a day of sports, concerts, movies, news and specialty programming is available in HDTV with DD 5.1 on HDNet. Current unique programs include 65 National Hockey League games, True Music, HDNet World Report, Higher Definition, Hotlines, Bikini Destinations, Get Out!, Face 2 Face with Roy Firestone, Deadline, and many other feature programs. HDNet is currently available on DirecTV, Dish Network, select TWC, Insight, Charter, Blue Ridge, Adelphia, RCN and other cable systems. HDNet will again offer NCAA College Basketball, including the Wooden Tradition. HDNet will carry the National Hockey League 2005-2006 season in HDTV, for the forth consecutive year – NHL 2005-2006 Season
HDNet has recently announced a number of HD sports broadcast agreements, including the HDNet Trophy Cup of Horse Racing, 18 NASCAR Grand National Division races, over 23 Major League Soccer matches (in the first half of the season alone), and all 10 Champ Car Series (ex-CART) races held in North America.
NEWS FLASH: Mark Cuban’s new ABC reality show, The Benefactor, will be seen on HDNet on April 1 2005
Breaking News: HDNEt will present the CES 2006 Show from Las Vegas, on friday 2/19/2006 at 11am EST    CES 2005 Show    CES 2006 Show
Breaking News: 8/4/2006: Dan Rather of the CBS Evening News goes off the air, and signs a deal with HDNET to debut his new weekly show “Dan Rather Reports,” debuts in October 2006 Dan Rather Reports

HDNet Movies – broadcasting 1080i
HDNet Movies delivers a commercial-free schedule of full-length feature films transferred from 35mm to high definition, in addition to movies produced and finished in true 1080i high-definition. HDNet Movies broadcasts 24/7 full-length feature films from Warner Bros, New Line, Paramount, Buena Vista, LionsGate/Artisan, MGM, Universal, Sony Pictures and other independents – thousands of films licensed to date. featuring a mix of theatrical releases, made-for-TV movies, independent films and shorts. Currently available on DirecTV, Dish Network, and select TWC, Insight, Charter, Blue Ridge, RCN and other cable systems. NEWS FLASH: HDNet owner Mark Cuban announced purchase of Landmark Theaters; “To aggressively leverage our ability to produce our own films, promote and display them on HDNet and HDNet Movies and exhibit them at Landmark.”    Landmark HDNET Movie Thread
Breaking NEws: HDNet Movies will premier a number of films on the same day as the theatrical release
Breaking News: HDNet premiers ‘Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room’ 4/22/05! at 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. ET Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room
Breaking News: HDNet signs Oscar winner Stephen Soderbergh for six HD Films HDNet signs Oscar winner Stephen Soderbergh

HBO – broadcasting 1080i
Hit movies and unique programming is available in HDTV on Home Box Office. About 75% of the movies on HBO are in HDTV and DD 5.1. The rest are upconverted to HDTV (4:3 480i to 4:3 1080i). One caveat for their theatrical release films; HBO prefers to fill the entire 16:9 screen area with image, as opposed to doing OAR film transfers. HBO Films are shown in HDTV and DD 5.1, including Iron Jawed Angels, Real Women Have Curves and Angels In America. HBO original movies are shown in HDTV and DD 5.1, including 61, Path To War and Live From Baghdad. Original programming like Carnivale, The Sopranos and Six Feet Under, Deadwood, are also televised in HDTV and 5.1 DD. HBO HDTV is available from Dish Network, DirecTV, VOOM, BUD, and a growing number of cableco’s including specific Comcast, Cox, TWC, RCN, Cablevision and many other systems. The Sopranos returns for season 5 on March 7th, 2004.
NEWS FLASH: HBO is Now offering World Championship Boxing in HDTV
Breaking News: ROME on HBO in HDTV – 12 Episodes ROME on HBO

SHOWTIME – broadcasting 1080i
SHOWTIME HDTV is currently available on Dish Network, DirecTV, VOOM, BUD and a growing number of cableco’s including specific Comcast, Cox, TWC, RCN, Cablevision and many other systems. Many of the blockbuster movies on SHOWTIME are broadcast in HDTV and DD 5.1, although considerably less of the full schedule is in HDTV. Original programming and some theatrical movies are upconverted to an HDTV-like picture, which can look very good. In addition, all Showtime movies (HDTV & upconverts) are in original aspect ratio (OAR), which is generally considered the ‘right’ way to do an HDTV film transfer. Showtime recently introduced live Championship Boxing in HDTV. NEWS FLASH: Showtime announced they will offer most of their new original movies & series in HDTV, including Queer As Folk and Dead Like Us, The Chris Isaak Show, and The L Word. –    Movies & Series     Showtime HD

Discovery HD Theater – broadcasting 1080i
A recent addition to the growing roster of HDTV networks is Discovery HD Theater. Nature, science and technology offerings are all part of the diverse program offerings. The HD production fever has recently spread to the series side; TLC’s Trading Spaces and Discovery’s Monster Garage and Surprise By Design and American Chopper are being produced in HD. Currently, Discovery HD Theater is available on Dish Network, DirecTV, VOOM, and select cable systems including Charter, Cox, RCN, and BUD. NEWS FLASH: Discovery HD is now available on Comcast.

ESPN HD – broadcasting 720p, with Future Plans For 1080p
ESPN HD will air over 120 sporting events broadcast in HDTV, in their first year alone. This will include MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL Sunday Night Football, NCAA college football & basketball and more. ESPN HD is currently available from DirecTV, Dish Network, Voom, and a number of cable companies, including select areas of Comcast, Insight, Cox, National Cable Television Cooperative, Service Electric, Utilacom, TWC, Comporium, RCN and Blue Ridge.
A new HD studio facility is on line As Of June 7 2004, which is providing programs like SportsCenter & Sunday NFL Countdown & NFL Primetime & Monday Night Countdown & Baseball Tonight in HDTV. More ESPN Shows & More Sport Highlights going to be broadcasted In HDTV, as they Upgrade the rest of The ESPN Studios sometime in 2005.
The latest schedule includes Sunday Night Football, NCAA Division 1-A College Football Saturday and Thursday, and MLB Playoffs. NEWS FLASH: ESPN HD will more than double the number of live HD events to 300 for 2005.
News-Flash: ESPN-HD To Migrate to 1080p Broadcasts in the Future    ESPN HD migrate to 1080p
ESPN HDTV PROGRAMMING UPDATE – ESPN has announced a total of 71 live events that will be broadcast in HDTV in March and April. Highlights include Major League Baseball, the Frozen Four of the NCAA Hockey Championships, the NBA Playoffs, 26 NCAA Basketball Conference Tournament games from The Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, and ACC. Viewers should note that the ACC and Big 12 Tournament coverage will be blacked out in Big 12 and ACC territory. This means no HDTV coverage if you are in either territory.
Breaking News: The NFL’s “Monday Night Football,” a staple on ABC for the past 35 seasons, will move to ESPN starting with the 2006 season ABC Sunday Night Football Deal
ESPN HD is now broadcasting Little League Baseball games & PRCA National finals Rodeo in HD
Breaking NEws: 11/10/2005: ESPN HD will broadcast all 64 World Cup Soccer Games in 2006 in HD World Cup Soccer Games in 2006 In HD
All college football bowl games will be in HDTV
breaking News: 1/25/2006 The long awaited event has come !!! Both ESPN 2 HD and ESPN HD are now broadcasting Dolby Digital 5.1 audio finally !!!!
Breaking News: 3/21/2006: ESPN will shop around for more HD Equiptment at the 2006 NAB show for use for newsgathering and in studio Equiptment, lots of more HD programming coming ESPN Way ESPN HD 2006 NAB show

ESPN2 HD – broadcasting 720p
ESPN2 HD Launched January 6 2005 with an opening night college basketball tripleheader:
with over 100 live HD events in its first year.     ESPN2 HD Launch Info
Breaking News: ESPN2 HD is live on Adelphia Cable & Mediacom.
ESPN2 will offer NHRA Drag Racing beginning in June in HDTV Drag races
Breaking News: NHL Return for the 2005 Season with more HDTV NHL Games NHL Games
Breaking News: Mediacom Cable has signed Contract that will add ESPN2 HD to its Channel Lineup. ESPN2 HD on Mediacom Cable
Breaking News: 9/8/2005: ESPN2 HD is live on Directv on channel 72 ESPN2 HD
ESPN2 HD is now broadcasting Little League Baseball games & PRCA National finals Rodeo in HD
Breaking NEws: 11/10/2005: ESPN2 HD will broadcast all 64 World Cup Soccer Games in 2006 World Cup Soccer Games in 2006
All college football bowl games will be in HDTV
breaking News: 1/25/2006 The long awaited event has come !!! Both ESPN 2 HD and ESPN HD are now broadcasting Dolby Digital 5.1 audio finally !!!!
Breaking News: 6/9/2006: Comcast has added ESPN2-HD to their Lineup in select Comcast areas

INHD & INHD2 – broadcasting 1080i
iN Demand introduced two new 24/7 HDTV channels, INHD & INHD2. They offer movies, pro and college sports, special events and general interest programming, all in HDTV. INHD & INHD2 are available to both cable & DBS providers, with carriage on Comcast, TWC, Bright House, Cox, Cablevision and Adelphia. Among the known offerings will be mens and womens NCAA college sports provided by CSTV, The Tennis Channel coverage of The Fed Cup, and programs from Hallmark HD. In a unique approach, INHD2 will also be used to carry local HDTV programming, primarily for sports. INHD announced they will carry Major League Baseball in HDTV. They plan on offering 3 HDTV games per week, through the 2005 season.
INHD & CSTV will team up to offer a wide variety of college sports in HDTV.
About 40 NBA-HD TV games scheduled for 2004-2005
Jon Bon Jovi concerts is being broadcasted in HDTV on INHD Jon Bon Jovi concerts
INHD seeks proposals for HD programming from producers The call for submissions ultimately will help the cable HD network attain its goal of bringing 100 hours of new HD programming to viewers each month. broadcastengineering
Newsflash: Outdoor Life Network is now airing NHL games on INHD2.

Starz! HD – broadcasting 1080i
Starz Encore Group has launched an HD feed of Starz! Plans are to soon provide the East and West Coast feeds of Starz in HDTV to providers. All channels will be available at no additional charge to existing subscribers.
Current films in HDTV include The Notebook, White Chicks, and 21 Grams. Starz HD is currently available on VOOM, Dishnetwork, Cablevision, Comcast & WOW cable systems.      Starz HD

The Movie Channel HD – broadcasting 1080i
Showtime Networks launched its second HDTV channel, The Movie Channel HD. The company is transmitting an East Coast feed of the all movie service with the original widescreen aspect ratio to preserve theatrical presentation. In December, HDTV titles will include Bandits, Hardball, Novocaine, Rollerball, Sidewalks of New York, and What’s the Worst that Could Happen? TMN HD is expected to offer 75% of their primetime schedule in HD and Dolby Digital 5.1. TMC HD is exclusively available from VOOM and Cablevision at the present time.      The Move Channel HD     TMC Website

Cinemax HD – broadcasting 1080i
Home Box Office is transmitting high-definition-TV feeds of its 24-hour premium television service, Cinemax. Expect to see over 75% of it’s content in HDTV. Now available on Cablevision and select Comcast systems, and VOOM
All 6 Star Wars films will be on Cinemax HD, beginning November 2006.

The Playboy Channel – broadcasting 1080i
A VOOM exclusive, The Playboy Channel in HD is Available Now. And original HD productions are already under way for programs like Fallen One, Night Calls and Private Calls.

Spice Channel – broadcasting 1080i
Another adult offering from Playboy, Spice is Now Available. Spice in HD can be found late nights on the DirecTV PPV channel.

(Update: 3/30/2005 ) Starz has decided to pull the plug and discontinue its Encore HD Channel for the time being, in result of not enough carriage aggreements signed with Tv providers. It May return back at a later date.

A new HDTV production studio is being built in Atlanta for the Turner HD channel. Expect to see TNT favorites like Law & Order in HDTV, along with the NBA, and new original programming. In September, the NASCAR Chevy Rock and Roll 400 can be seen in HDTV. It’s also possible TNT will work with broadcast partner NBC in carrying some NASCAR events in HD. A number of TNT dramatic productions have been or are being shot in HD, including TNT’s original series, The Grid, which will premiere this summer; a Steven Spielberg production slated for next summer; and an original movie on the life of Evil Knievel. Additionally, when Alias appears next year, it will be in HD. Although most programming is not HD (stretched and upconverted), native HD for a number of movies has been seen. NEWS FLASH: TNT will offer NBA Western Conference Finals in HDTV. Available at this time on TWC, Bright House, Dish Network, Directv, and VOOM.
About 52 NBA HD games scheduled for 2004-2005, with NBA Thursday Exclusive Double Headers, along with continued HDTV coverage of the NBA All-Star Game weekend and the NBA Playoffs.
Also shown in High Definition will be box-office hits like Gladiator, Saving Private Ryan and Erin Brockovich. Among TNT’s other highly anticipated HDTV programs is the Steven Spielberg epic 12-hour original limited series Into The West.
Breaking News: ALL Nascar Races in HDTV on TNT
Breaking News: Charter Cable has added TNT HD to its Channel Lineup.
TNT-HD is also available on Comcast Cable, TNT HD on Comcast

NBA HDTV – broadcasting 1080i
NBA Commissioner David Stern has announced NBA TV will offer select current games, and classic games and features from the past in HDTV. NEWS FLASH: NBA TV will offer over 48 2005-2006 regular season games in HDTV. – Currently available on Comcast, TWC, Bright House, INHD, DirecTV and Dish Network     NBA HD     NBA TV HIGH-DEFINITION GAME SCHEDULE
Breaking News: NBA TV and Turner Broadcasting System have reached an agreement that will allow the NBA to distribute in high-definition all NBA TV programming and game coverage 24 hours a day beginning this fall 2005. Under the arrangement, Turner will manage all NBA TV program integration from its operation headquarters in Atlanta. NBA HD 24hours

Bravo HD+ – broadcasting 1080i
Presto chango, Bravo HD+ is now Universal HD. Launched December 1, 2004 in 100% 1080i HD, 24/7, Universal HD offers the best of NBC Universal’s library in HD. Programming includes unedited and uninterrupted films, award winning dramas, series, sports, specials and performance arts. The programming will be enhanced significantly with shows such as Battlestar Galactica, Law & Order: SVU, Monk and movies such as Erin Brokovich and sports IN HDTV. among other programs schuldued to broadcasted in HDTV on Bravo-HD is USA’s original series Monk or off-nets of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Sci Fi theatrical movies and originals like Stargate Atlantis. USA’s popular Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and the network’s movie library. In addition, some Universal Television classics, such as Knight Rider and Quantum Leap, Backdraft, Back to the Future, Far & Away, Jaws,” “The River Wild” and “Sea of Love;” USA’s “The District,” “Karen Sisco,” SVU” and “Monk. Bravo cable channel, they are “ready to spend some real dollars to make it a quality service.” Bravo recently signed a deal with Miramax Studios, for HD movie programming. They also plan to air ‘up to 12 hours of unique live coverage daily’ of the 2004 Summer Olympics. Initial offerings will include 100% acquired programming in addition to Bravo content such as The West Wing and Cirque du Soleil’s Varekai. At this time Bravo HD+ is available on Cox, Insight, GCI, Mediacom, Patriot Media, Blue Ridge, Service Electric, DBS provider VOOM, Directv
Bravo-HD on Directv      Part 2      NBC Press release
Breaking News: NBC Universal HD will shop for a lot at NAB & Buy in Bulk for More HD Production Equipment More HD Production
Breaking News: 12/2/2005: Time Warner Cable has added Universal HD to the Channel Lineup
Universal HD Universal HD

Dish Network – broadcasting 1080i and 720p
Owner & President of DishNetwork (EchoStar Communications Corp) is Charlie Ergen
In addition to carrying HBO, Showtime, and CBS-HD, Dish also has an HDTV demo channel and a HDTV Pay-Per-View movie channel. PPV selections are $5.99 each and run 24 hours a day. The demo channel also runs 24 hours a day and is primarily for dealer/retail showroom use; the current loop consists of Discovery HD Theater short subjects. CBS-HD is not readily available to all subscribers, see the Dish Network web site for more details. Select special events are available Including NBA HD Games free in HDTV on channel 9425. Dish Network offers an HDTV package, including HDNet, HDNet Movies, Discovery HD Theater and ESPN HD, TNT-HD, for $9.99 per month.   Dish HD Package   TNT-HD
News-Flash: Not really HDTV related, but thought that u might want to know, DishNetworks was recently mandated to Offer Your Local Channels All on one Satellite Dish, No more need for two dishes to get locals channels, People can expect to Get Dish Upgrades from Dishnetwork Soon.     Two Dish DBS_legislation
Breaking News, DishNetwork is Useing MPEG4 on New HDTV channels.
If you need and want Email contact info for Dishnetwork check out the following website at     Dishnetwork Channel Lineup Info
Dishnetwork Announces Major Deal with SBC Corp, new Joint Venture SBC Joint Venture Deal info Breaking Major News: Its Offically and Confirmed Dishnetwork aggress to buy Voom Assests and its satellites. Voom Shutdown Info  Voom 2
Breaking News: 5/01/2005: Dishnetwork has now added Voom’s 10 orginal HD channels to their channel lineup, Which includes, RUSH HD, Gallery HD, Rave HD, Ultra HD, Equator HD, Monsters HD, Animania HD, Majestic HD, HD News and Guy TV HD, Dishnetwork adding Voom’s 10 orginal HD Channels
Dishnetwork is now carrying Select MLB EXTRA INNINGS Baseball games in HD MLB EXTRA INNINGS
8/26/2005: Dishnetwork is now carrying select NHL CENTER ICE Hockey games in HD
Breaking News: 1/5/2006 Dishnetwork announced that beginning on 2/1/2006 Dishnetwork will only activate HD Programming for Customers who have the new Mpeg4 STB’s only
Breaking News : 1/31/2006 ESPN2 HD and Universal HD & 5 new VOOM HD channels has now launched on Dishnetwork in mpeg 4 only
& 5 Local HD markets will launch shortly in Mpeg4 format only, for more info see the following link Dishnetwork Channel Lineup Info
Breaking News: Dishnetwork has Launched Echo X an New high powered Satellite that will enable them to expand their Local, HDTV, SDTV, Etc.. Programming to Customers, it will also eliminate the need for a SuperDish in Local Markets Echo X Launch info
Breaking News: 6/9/2006: Dishnetwork has added NFLHD, National Geographic HD, StarzHD & HGTV-HD
Breaking News: 7/8/2006: Dishnetwork plans to carry 11 RSN’s HD channel networks by fall 2006

DirecTV – broadcasting 1080i, 720p
Owner & President Of Directv (News Corporation Ltd.) is Chase Carey, with partial owner Rupert Murdoch.
In addition to carrying HBO and Showtime, DirecTV has added full time Pay-Per-View HDTV movies, with each selection is $4.99. Select special events are available free in HDTV. DirecTV is also offering an HDTV package including HDNet, HDNet Movies, Discovery HD Theater, ESPN HD, ESPN2 HD & Bravo HD+ for $10.99 a month. Bravo-HD+ DirecTV also carries the HD programs from the new NFL Network, which includes the Wednesday night ‘HD Game Of The Week.’ & NBA HD games & also carrys CBS HD, NBC HD, ABC HD, FOX HD in O&O Markets!  CBS   ABC   FOX-HD
DirecTV now offers Spice in HD, on the PPV channel, late nights, Directv also offers NCAA MEGA March Madness Basketball games in HD, as part of the NCAA MEGA March Madness Package.
Breaking News: DIRECTV Announces Plan to Launch 3 Next Generation Satellites to Provide Dramatic Expansion of High-Definition and Advanced Programming Services. These satellites will provide DIRECTV with a massive expansion in local and national high-definition (HD) channels, , as well as capacity for new interactive and enhanced services and standard-definition programming. It will provide 1500 Local HDTv Channels and about 150 National Channels By Mid Year 2005 LiL HDTV
News-Flash: Not Really HDTV related, but thought You might want to know, Directv Launching many International Channels, (Available Now) VietnameseDirect, HindiDirect, TamilDirect and STAR Indian Channels and International Cricket, Italian & RussianDirect. (Coming soon): Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tagalog, Greek, Korean, German, Japanese, Polish, & French.
If you need and want Email contact info for DirecTV check out the following website at     Directv Channel Lineup Info
Breaking News: Directv’s Future Plans to use MPEG4 on all of its Channels including with SD and HD channels, with new spaceway sats, STB upgrades are required, directv will replace all of your Equiptment for free, for current customers. first migration to the MPEG4 will be with the Local HD channels now, then with the national HD networks, and then with the Current SD channels Directv MPEG 4 Migration Plans
Breaking News: DirecTV is now broadcasting limited regional sports in HD Limited Reginal Sports
Directv has added YES network HD will offer MLB New York Yankees home games in HDTV.    MLB and SPORTS Pack subscribers will have the YES channel in HD, subject to black out restrictions, NEW York Area residents can recieve the YES HD Channel with Total Choice package, at no extra charge. this channel is available on ch 94. YES HD YES HD: 2
Breaking Major News : 4/30/2005: In regards to the recent dishnetwork press release, Directv is in talks, with Voom, to carry all of their Orginal VOOM HD channels, plus, directv is in talks with Cinemax HD, TMC HD, Starz HD, InHD 1 & 2 (InDemand is talking with D* and ignore the only on cable logo because it means nothing in the future but is true today because its marketing), Scripps HD Networks, Directv’s major announcement
Breaking News: Directv has added an SuperFan Programming package to its NFL Sunday ticket Package, the new additional package adds interactive features, and as well as HD games.
DirecTV has replaced their Music Choice Channels with the Music Channels from XM Satellite Radio. Directv XM Satellite Radio Channels
Directv has offically started launched Locals HD channels in the tv markets, they are available in the Mpeg4 format. An new HD stb and 5 lnb dish is required to recieve them, current directv custumers will be upgraded free of charge.
Directv is now carrying select NHL Center Ice games in HDTV & also started to carry NHL HD games feeds from OLN HD
Directv is also Broadcasting an orginal Exclusive Directv HD Music channel named “CDUSA” on 101 on weekends only, new programming starts every Saturday at 6pm et 2/1/2006 Note : All HD customers will get the New Mpeg4 5 LNB AT9 dish even if Local HD is not available in your market, rumors are directv is planning on launching new national HD channels sometime soon this year in mpeg 4, stay tuned….
Breaking News: Directv has launched TNT-HD on channel 75
Breaking News: 7/8/2006: Directv has launched some Local RSN’s HD Networks and plans to carry about 50 RSN’s HD Channel networks by fall 2006 check Directv Channel Lineup Info for more info
8/6/2006: Directv has once again thinking to merge with Dishnetwork
Breaking News: FSN HD college football is available on DirecTV.

VOOM – broadcasting 1080i
AS OF MAY 1st 2005, at around 2:00am VOOM is NOW DEAD !!!!!!
VOOM DBS Service might be DEAD, but VOOM Channels live on, Dishnetwork has added Voom’s 10 Orginal HD channels to their lineup the same day voom DBS service went dark. Which includes, RUSH HD, Gallery HD, Rave HD, Ultra HD, Equator HD, Monsters HD, Animania HD, Majestic HD, HD News and Guy TV HD, and plans to launch the remaining Voom HD orginals by end of the year 2005. Dishnetwork adding Voom’s 10 orginal HD Channels
The great part of this, is that, current exclusive Voom HD channels along with all the rainbow media channels will be offered to other DBS/ Cable CO’s
Breaking News: 5/10/2005: Its offical, Voom STB’s, Its yours to keep as free OTA tuners, VOOM STB’s its yours to keep!!!!
1/23/2005: Breaking Major News: Its Offically and Confirmed EchoStar Corp: Dishnetwork aggress to buy Voom Assests and its Rainbow1 satellites, & EchoStar will acquire ground facilities and related assets in Black Hawk, S.D.
If you need and want Email contact info for VOOM check out the following website at